System Upgrades

Heating System Upgrades

Now is the time to look at the current controls... do they work seamlessly with the boiler and enhance boiler efficiency and reliability? EGS are here to help

What we offer:

  • No obligation quote and recommendation & installation of a new boiler- we don't have any hidden costs
  • We take into account your individual needs and provide you with suitable options with the right specification for you
  • We'll remove and dispose of your old system
  • We will walk you through the new system and ensure you know how to use it

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Install A Thermostat

Three Benefits of installing a Thermostat by EGS

1. Saving Money

A programmable thermostats offers cost savings. Energy bills continue to rise in all parts of the world, and the best way to combat this is to try to reduce your energy usage.

2. A Consistent Temperature

Another big plus of programmable thermostats is their ability to help you maintain the perfect, consistent temperature throughout your home. During the freezing cold of the winter, your heat can stay steady as it follows your programmed temperature schedule

3. Increase Your Home’s Efficiency

Keeping your home energy-efficient is one of the top maintenance issues that homeowners think about throughout the change of seasons. A more efficient home can utilize its resources more effectively and bring less wear and tear to major appliances and systems


The main enemy of heating systems is corrosion. There are four variables that effect corrosion in a heating system. Velocity, Heat, water quality, and materials used. As heating systems invariably have to use heat this is almost unavoidable, however, this can be minimised through the use of effective efficient intelligent controls like weather compensation and indoor open thermostat controls.

System Upgrade Options

Electric central heating

The main benefit of installing electric central heating is that it is available to homes not on the gas grid. In addition, electric night storage heaters are easier to install than gas central heating equipment, as far as central heating installation goes, because mainly they require fewer parts.

Gas central heating

The main advantage of gas central heating is that it is cheaper, per unit, than electricity. On top of this, gas boilers are getting more and more efficient. Replacing an old boiler with a new energy efficient one is pretty straightforward in terms of the installation process. You can look into getting a new boiler

Storage Heating

The principle of a storage heater is that it contains bricks capable of storing large amounts of heat. These are heated overnight using the off-peak electricity on Economy 7 and, on Economy 10 tariffs, during two shorter periods during the day. This heat is then gradually released the following day.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Because carbon monoxide has no taste, smell or colour. Both our engineers and the Gas Safe Register strongly recommends you fit an audible carbon monoxide alarm in your home. Contact EGS Today

While an alarm will alert you to carbon monoxide in your home, it is not substitute for having an annual gas safety inspection and regular servicing by one of our trained and registered gas engineers

You are particularly at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning while sleeping, as you may not be aware of early carbon monoxide symptoms until it's too late.

Let EGS help as we can supply and fit your Alarm

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Save your money and get a powerflush done by EGS

The reason for power flushing your central heating system may be to remedy radiators which have cold spots and do not fully heat up. Or it could be a noisy boiler which has sludge inside the heat exchanger. Both of these conditions are caused by restriction to circulation which in turn is caused by sludge and corrosion deposits. Power flushing removes these deposits leaving a clean and efficient heating system. Power flushing will help reduce fuel costs and unnecessary breakdowns.

Symptoms of sludge include:

  • Radiators cold at the bottom but warm at the top
  • Pump noise and failure
  • Radiator thermostatic valves getting stuck in the on/off position
  • Certain radiators not working
  • Banging noise from boiler

Power Flushing your central heating system can improve boiler efficiency by up to 25%

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